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Luxury self-catering holiday cottages that take pets

Self catering in the UK is a very popular way to spend a holiday and it can be difficult to find holiday cottages that allow you to take your pet with you. We offer a great selection of holiday cottages all over the UK where you can take your pet with you on holiday.

If you are looking for a holiday cottage pet where you can take your dog or cat on holiday with you then look no further! There are hundreds of holiday cottages that welcome pets here. All these pet friendly cottages are wonderful places for holidays in the uk where you can be sure your pet will get a great welcome. You will find pet friendly cottages in all areas of Scotland, from a small west coast cottage by the sea to a large castle. Rather then put your beloved pet in kennels or cattery when you are away on holiday, why not rent a holiday cottage where you can take your pet with you. Most pets enjoy going on holiday with you and very few hotels are pet friendly - unlike lots of holiday cottages which welcome dogs. Whichever part of Scotland you want to rent a holiday cottage with your pet click the link above to see a great selection of luxury pet-friendly holiday cottages.

Our elderly labrador is now too old to go into kennels so we are spending all our holidays in the UK - I have rented lots of holiday cottages in Scotland with our dog. Before you book a cottage that says it allows pets do ask the owner if there are any restrictions - obviously a dog won't be allowed on the furniture and usually isn't allowed in bedrooms either. We stayed in a supposedly pet friendly cottage in Scotland that advertised that dogs were allowed - indeed even welcomed - but when we got there the doge wasn't permitted in the house and was meant to stay in a kennel outside! We obviously had to leave immediately and fought for months to get our deposit back. It is important to check with the cottage owners about bringing your dog to the self-catering cottage in some detail. It is frustrating to get to the accommodation which says you can walk your dog in their grounds and then to find that they are now full of sheep! That said there are lots of excellent UK holiday cottages which welcome your dog so don't be put off.

To view a great selection of self-catering cottages where you can take your pet just press this link - pet friendly holiday cottages UK or call 0845 268 1246 to speak to someone about your individual requirements. Have a very happy holiday with your pet!