Eco and green matters

The Old Manse of Monzie offers a green and eco self catering house - environmental and sustainable issues are always to the fore with everything we do here. The house is 18th century and B listed so it can’t be a totally eco holiday house but I’ve done what’s possible within those constraints.

The loft insulation is 100% pure sheep’s wool which is natural, sustainable and renewable.  There really couldn’t be a more eco insulation and it helps to keep the house warm too in a very green way.  Some of the windows still have the original 18th century panes which are very thin (but very beautiful!) - as it’s a B listed house double glazing can’t be fitted (and rightly so) but if you draw the curtains and close the shutters before dusk then the house will retain the heat and will help with the eco credentials that we aim for.

Green Energy for our Self-catering House

The house’s electricity is totally green energy as it comes from the Monzie estate’s 50 year old hydro scheme on the Shaggie Burn - it’s produced in the building just over the bridge.  The water comes from the estate’s spring far up in the Perthshire hills - again totally eco and it’s filtered and goes through UV before and after it enters the house (and is subject to twice-yearly testing from the environmental health agency so you can be sure it’s ultra safe).  It is fresh spring water and utterly delicious!

Charging Your Electric Vehicle

I am planning to put in a EV charging point at The Old Manse and am in the process of applying for a grant. Meanwhile, there are several charging points in Crieff and lots in Perth where you can charge your electric vehicle when staying at this eco self-catering house in Scotland.

Green Tourism Scotland

We are aiming to become a green tourism business with the Gold Award - watch this space!  We want to reduce our carbon footprint further.  The scheme is a recognised award and was set up by Visit Scotland to assist in Scotland’s self-catering becoming more sustainable tourist accommodation.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Self-catering Holiday

The luxurious hand soap and body wash which is supplied in all bathrooms and loos comes from the Highland Soap Co .  We are supporting a family-run, Scottish business that produces hand made products using all natural ingredients, most of which are organic.  The soaps and body washes are refilled from large containers to be as eco as possible and reduce plastic waste.

Whilst we’re not an off-grid house and don’t try to attract that tourist market we do everything we can to be as eco-friendly as possible and try to keep our carbon footprint very low in everything we do. Our cleaning company uses natural cleaning products - we have a septic tank and don’t want to damage that or the environment with chemicals.

There are herbs in garden which you can help yourself to - mint is outside the conservatory to the left as well as next to the greenhouse, and thyme is in the raised trough on the stones outside the conservatory.

There is a huge amount of bird and wildlife around and lots in the garden too. Do fill up the bird and red squirrel feeders if you’d like to - the food is kept in the conservatory cupboard.  We’re desperate to keep safe the red squirrels that live in the trees opposite the burn - at the moment they are fine and the grey squirrels haven’t arrived (should you see one nearby please let me know).

I think that we all do what we can do be as eco and green as possible but very few people can sustain every environmental issue there is.

When staying at The Old Manse of Monzie and if you want to keep your footprint gentle and sustainable then please do fill up your water bottles from the tap, use the reusable carrier bags in the bottom drawer to the left of the Aga, recycle what you can (details in the welcome notes in the house), compost any food waste in bin behind greenhouse, use the local independent shops, and please use the timer so the heating isn’t on when you’re out or asleep.

Most importantly, you’re on holiday so enjoy yourselves!

Perthshire kingfisher
Hare in Perthshire countryside
Red Squirrel