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Food from Scotland

Food from Scotland - Scotland is justly famous for her wonderful, traditional food. Haggis, Aberdeen Angus beef, smoked salmon, raspberries, shortbread oatcakes and porridge are just some of the food that spring to mind when you think of Scotland. Scottish food has an ancient tradition and many of the specialities are unique to Scotland. There is nothing finer then the finest Scottish food and there are many Scottish food producers working hard to produce fantastic gourmet food. If you come here on holiday you will be able to try a variety of fresh and delicious food from Scotland.

Whilst on a self-catering holiday then it is fun to try local produce and our holiday cottage is in a perfect location to source the finest food suppliers in Scotland. Many of the Scottish food suppliers sell organic food online.

Scottish oatcakes are sold all over the world - these are often now mass-produced but you can find hand-made oatcakes on sale and they are a rougher texture and quite different. Pittenweem Scottish oatcakes are hand-produced Scottish oatcakes, made in the traditional way and are a great taste sensation! - the perfect Scottish oatcake. The other superb oatcake that is now for sale all over Scotland is the Hebridean Oatcake - I think these are the best oatcakes ever so buy lots when you can! If you are staying at our self catering holiday cottage then go to Clive Ramsay in Bridge of Allan who sells both types of Scottish oatcakes.

Scottish Aberdeen Angus beef is the finest in the world - local butchers in Scotland will hang the beef for a longer time, in the traditional way, producing the perfect steak or roasting beef. Scottish beef is produced from Scottish cattle raised in the traditional way - often organic beef and always free range. The cows feed on the luscious Scottish pastures which produce the delicious tasting beef that Scotland is famous for. The best known is Scottish Aberdeen Angus beef. If you are renting our holiday cottage then you can place an order to await your arrival here for Scottish organic food - just ask for a list of local suppliers. Self-catering holidays can be enhanced by using local produce such as their organic lamb or organic Aberdeen Angus beef.

Arbroath Smokie

A wood-smoked haddock still produced in small family smoke-houses in the East coast fishing town of Arbroath. You must avoid commercially produced Arbroath smokies which are dyed with a coloured dye and not naturally smoked. The finest are Arbroath Smokies from a traditional smoke-house in Arbroath.

Black Bun

Black Bun is a very rich fruit cake, made with raisins, currants, finely-chopped peel, chopped almonds and brown sugar with the addition of cinnamon and ginger. It takes its name from the very dark colour. Traditionally served at Hogmanay and brought by first footers.

Crowdie - A simple white cheese, made from the whey of slightly soured milk and seasoned with salt and pepper. It is then formed into a sausage and rolled in oats.

Scottish Salmon - Scottish smoked salmon has become less of a luxury in recent times due to a huge increase in production because of the numerous fish farms. If you can find organic or wild smoked salmon then that is still a luxury - the price is high but it is worth buying as a treat. Scotland produces the finest smoked salmon in the world and is often served at New Year (Hogmanay in Scotland). Fresh salmon is also 'mass-produced' in fish farms but again, wild salmon is a totally different taste and completely delicious.

Haggis is one of the foods that Scotland is most famous for. Don't be put off by the ingredients - try it. Haggis is a mixture of sheeps' offal and oatmeal and a traditional and delicious food. It is often said as a joke that haggis is a small Scottish animal that has two legs shorter then the others because it runs round hills! Haggis is traditionally served in Scotland on Burn's Night and St Andrew's Day - but in fact haggis is eaten all year round in Scotland. You can even buy vegetarian haggis.

Scotch Pies - A round pastry pie, approximately 10cm (4") in diameter filled with minced meat. The best of these are made by butchers and sold in their shops.

Porridge - A traditional Scottish dish, made of boiled oatmeal and milk or water. Salt is usually added but many people prefer it with sugar. It is a great way to start the day and a low fat food!

Other great Scottish food includes:
* Sea food including mussels, scallops, shrimps, lobster and crabs, and lots of other fresh Scottish fish
* Soft fruit from Blairgowrie, including raspberries, strawberries, Tayberries and brambles (blackberries). Blairgowrie raspberries are fantastic fruits and famous throughout the world.
* Vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, turnips, and cabbage.
* Scottish lamb - reared naturally on the hills of Scotland.
* A host of locally produced cheeses including Mull of Kintyre cheddar, Lanark Blue etc
* Venison.
* Grouse, pheasant, partridge and wood pigeon - naturally organic food!